Faraday AI

AI for B2C, made easy

Build and defend revenue at every stage of your customer lifecycle. Understand your markets, explore opportunities, and optimize every customer interaction from acquisition to retention.

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Funnel vision

See the future with automated predictive modeling at every step of your customer lifecycle. Use one of the presets below or easily define your own unique business goals.

  1. Acquire

    Save your precious marketing dollars for the most perfect prospects

  2. Convert

    Focus your energy and resources on the leads that matter most

  3. Engage

    Identify your best opportunities to sell more to your current customers

  4. Retain

    Take a preventative approach to churn by anticipating risk

  5. Revive

    Win back lost business by reactivating lapsed customers ready for another go

Faraday is built for B2C.

We understand your challenges. You don't need to wait months to get things set up. Just sync your data and go.

How B2C AI works, simplified

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Every individual. Every household. Hundreds of attributes. Get full access to FIG, our built-in nationwide database.

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