Faraday AI

AI for B2C, made easy.

AI for B2C. We’re dedicated to helping B2C companies get started and get ahead with revenue-building AI. By focusing squarely on the consumer journey, we put AI-powered insights and predictions to work where they have immediate and significant impacts on revenue.

AI made easy. Successfully operationalizing AI can be daunting, we get it. That’s why we bundle up all the ingredients you need into a beautiful, user-friendly platform supported by expert data scientists and software engineers.

AI built for action. Insights and predictions are important, but action is crucial. Take immediate action on your data and AI-powered predictions with built-in campaign tools and an API configured to feed predictions right where you want them.

  1. Andy Rossmeissl, Chief Executive Officer

    Andy leads the company in its mission to deliver practical, powerful AI to consumer brands. A designer by training and lifelong software engineer, Andy is responsible for Faraday’s product strategy, data science organization, recruiting efforts, and corporate matters. Before co-founding Faraday in 2012, Andy founded Brighter Planet, the celebrated enterprise sustainability platform, where he began his 13-year obsession with creating value from data. Previously, he worked in politics as personal assistant to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and chief of staff to Joe Trippi. An avid technologist, he is also an Eagle Scout.

  2. Seamus Abshere, Chief Technology Officer

    Seamus oversees infrastructure, software, and data security policies and practices. Seamus has an extensive background in IT security, cloud computing, database technology, and machine learning. After graduating from Princeton University, he immediately put his computer science expertise to work as Brighter Planet’s Engineering Director. Over the last 13 years, he’s developed and implemented IT security policies and strategies for platforms handling some of the world’s most sensitive consumer data. With his experience in software engineering, security, and machine learning, Seamus co-founded Faraday in 2012.

  3. Robbie Adler, Chief Strategy Officer

    Robbie oversees the company’s strategic partnerships and enterprise-level business development strategy. Shortly after joining Andy and Seamus at Brighter Planet, he quickly took charge of strategic growth as Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Over the last 10 years, he’s managed relationships with some of the world’s most advanced organizations in industries ranging from financial services to energy. With his experience in client and partner relations, sales and marketing, and go-to-market strategy, Robbie co-founded Faraday.

  4. Rob Trail, Chief Operating Officer

    Rob oversees the company’s revenue operations, customer success, sales, and marketing teams. Rob has an extensive background leading sales engineering and customer success teams in the SaaS space. In 2004, he joined Bullhorn, one of Boston’s leading CRM technology companies, and steadily grew to manage the company’s CRM product offering. With his experience in SaaS sales and customer success, Rob took charge of Faraday’s revenue operations in early 2017.

  5. Dr. Narine Hall, Lead Data Scientist

    Narine holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Vermont. She joined Faraday from Blink Secure where she acted as CTO, ensuring successful execution of the company’s business mission. Previously, she led data science and AI efforts at Wolfram Research and IBM’s Watson program. At Faraday, Narine works on the company’s core AI infrastructure and advises clients on best practices. Dr. Hall also lectures at Champlain College.

  6. Dr. Sean Kelly, Lead Data Scientist

    Sean joined Faraday from Palantir Technologies, where he worked as a software engineer on large-scale data projects for the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. At Faraday, he is focused on statistical learning and predictive modeling. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Maryland with a focus on Number Theory. In addition to his pure mathematical background, Dr. Kelly brings years of experience in software development, machine learning, and statistics to Faraday.