Faraday AI

  1. Welcome to the 3-minute tour of the Faraday AI platform To begin, just start scrolling down
  2. As you go through the tour, we'll highlight the current part of the diagram in green
  3. Before we get to the diagram, here's how we describe Faraday in one sentence: Faraday is AI for B2C
  4. That means we optimize every step on your customer journey, from acquisition to retention
  5. OK, getting started: it all begins with your data — customers, leads, and everything in between
  6. We're integrated with 70+ business data sources, so onboarding your data is a breeze
  7. Once we're connected, new data on your end is continuously synced to us
  8. Once it arrives, we match each record to our Faraday Identity Graph
  9. This nationwide database contains over 400 attributes on 250 million U.S. individuals
  10. So, in effect, we're enriching all of your data with details that matter
  11. Not to mention surrounding it with data on your customers' friends, family, and neighbors everywhere
  12. The next step is to define your business goals: what outcomes are you looking to optimize?
  13. These could be simple outcomes like "more new customers" or "prevent churn"
  14. Or they could be more complex, like "bought twice, never returned, and referred a friend"
  15. All we need to optimize for an outcome is to have some historical evidence of it in your data
  16. Now, our machine learning algorithms look through the combination of your historical examples plus our data
  17. And, when possible, discovers patterns in the data leading to these outcomes!
  18. These sets of useful patterns are called models, and Faraday improves them over time
  19. So how do these models get used to optimize your revenue?
  20. First, we sync all of the predictive conclusions back to your systems, including your CRM
  21. This allows you to prioritize the parts of your pipeline and customer base that need attention most
  22. We'll also alert you to important opportunities when they arise, without having to ask
  23. For example, you'll get an email telling you that 3 high-value customers have become churn risks
  24. You also get access to our self-service outreach platform, where you can target messaging to high-scoring individuals
  25. We push these top-tier audiences out to your ESP, DSP, social platforms, and offline vendors
  26. Finally, Faraday includes a beautiful, map-driven interface for exploring your data, producing insights, and drawing revealing comparisons.
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