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AI for banks

In 2016, banks spent $17 billion on analytics, $2.8 billion of which was spent on marketing analytics and artificial intelligence tools. In order to remain competitive, banks of all size need to leverage cost effective AI to attract and retain customers.

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  1. Acquire

    We take the legwork out of the sales process and let your team know who are the right leads in the right locations. You have a sophisticated team. Let's enable them and help you acquire the best LTV customers.

  2. Convert

    Of those prospects that have looked at information on your website regarding a loan, we can show you, visually using our location based platform, who is most likely to follow through.

  3. Engage

    If you start with one type of loan, we can identify those that are in need of another loan and present the right customers to you at the right location, at the right time.

  4. Retain

    Which customer is likely to be lost? We can show the indicators that will give you the information to retain them.

  5. Revive

    When do you know when a former client that you've worked with is ready to come back? We do.

The Faraday platform is core to our operations and has helped reduce costs and increase efficiency

Chief Commercial Officer, finance industry