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AI for travel

Providers of luxury packages, hotels, car rental and cruise companies have all been generating data sets too large for conventional applications for decades. What if you're an airline or hotel that considers someone who books with you three times a year a “loyal” customer . . . then you come to learn that this customer actually travels to your city 10 times a year and stays with a competitor the other seven times? By combining your data with other relevant data sets—cross referencing hotel bookings and airline bookings, for example—you can draw a more complete picture of your customer, which, in turn, enables you to customize sales and marketing activity to reach the right people at the right time.

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  1. Acquire

    Let us help you find new prospects that are likely to travel soon. We'll take a peek at income, what type of credit cards they're using for travel benefits and proximity to airports.

  2. Convert

    Who is likely to cancel a trip? We don't want you spending your marketing dollars on a customer that can't commit and may abort their travel plans.

  3. Engage

    Who is also likely to want to add on additional travel packages? We can indicate this quickly based on our machine learning platform.

  4. Retain

    As travel adopts subscription models, retention will emerge as a major revenue driver. Are you ready? Faraday indicates your customers at most risk of churn so you can act fast.

  5. Revive

    Who is likely to return for additional trips? Who is likely to choose one travel option over another? Our algorithms will give you the right insight to offer the right deals at the right time for your valued customers.

The Faraday platform is core to our operations and has helped reduce costs and increase efficiency

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