Faraday is a customer intelligence platform for B2C

With built-in national household data and automatic machine learning,
you can work smarter at every stage of your customer lifecycle

We offer 3 products that work together seamlessly on our platform to deliver insights and help you take data-driven action

How the Faraday platform works

Powering all of our products is a single platform that stays in sync with your business data, mixing in hundreds of household-level details along the way

  1. Sync your business data

    Step one is to connect your CRM and other data sources using our 60+ integrations. The Faraday platform matches each of your records to one of the 100+ million Known Faraday Households (KFHs) in our database.

  2. Data enrichment

    Syncing your data to KFHs means you instantly learn hundreds of new things about your customers and other relationships: demographics, financial factors, property details, and psychographic traits.

  3. Always current

    The Faraday platform constantly monitors your original data sources for changes. New leads, customers, and other info is automatically synced to your Faraday account in real time.

  4. Ready for action

    All of this current, enriched data is now available in your Faraday account for our products to use. Build Audiences, create Campaigns, and leverage Models without any additional hassle.

Why Faraday?

Every day, you're faced with decisions at work, big and small. You know you could make smarter decisions with data, but it's just too hard to get to.

Faraday is all about bringing you closer to your data, so you can get the answers you need yourself.

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