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AI for the customer lifecycle

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What you'll learn in the whitepaper

A platform-agnostic step-by-step approach to catapulting your business into the predictive future.

The future of data

The pantry is full and there's nothing to eat. You've heard the phrase before, and it's never been as true as with business data in 2018. Feel like you're capturing mountains of data, but you're not much better off than before? That's because we're in the "write-only" phase of the technology curve. Learn how to bust through it.

What is, and is not, customer lifecycle optimization?

Customer lifecycle optimization (CLO) is the practice of using data and AI-powered predictions to measurably improve outcomes at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Unlike many tech buzzwords, CLO has a precise, practical definition. We'll unpack the term's meaning in order to understand the practice. We also compare CLO to related, but distinct, approaches.

The myth of the data-driven business

Why is it that, despite the hype and hope, data feels like a perennially unkept promise? If your business is like most, management and employees have the opposite perspective on the organization's data-readiness. Learn about the "data gap" and how to close it.

Data myopia

Data initiatives almost invariably suffer from a 'blind spot' in the underlying source material itself. Your data is probably incomplete in two dimensions: both breadth and depth. This constrains your perspective and therefore your economic opportunity. Explore how to gain a broader view.

The uniform customer lifecycle

A common source of anxiety that leads to data paralysis is the belief that not enough data is being captured to truly leverage AI for customer lifecycle optimization. Luckily you don't need data on everything. Get to know a standardized customer lifecycle and discover how lifecycle data is all you need.

Lifecycle mapping

It all starts by understanding your customer journey. If there is one technique CLO is famous for, it's lifecycle mapping. You may think you understand your customer lifecycle, but until you've formally identified stages, transitions, and litmus tests, you're missing what matters.

A predictive primer

AI-powered predictions are the hallmark of customer lifecycle optimization. If you think you need a supercomputer to make predictions, think again. Learn how to get started on pattern recognition with nothing more than a sheet of paper.