Faraday AI

AI or die: Understanding the inevitability of AI in business

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What you'll learn in the whitepaper

The true pace of commercial AI adoption and how you can quickly operationalize and optimize AI tools in your organization.

Addressing the buzzwords

People tend to throw around a lot of buzzwords, using them interchangeably and often not really knowing what they mean. We'll address some common ones to clear up any confusion.

Hype vs reality

Is AI really as promising as it seems? Have most companies already adopted AI? Or even worse, are you too far behind to be competitive with AI? Luckily, we can put that last question to rest right now: you're not too far behind.

Where do you stand in the AI landscape?

Are you brand new to AI, or is your organization already using some form of AI at scale? Regardless of your position in the AI landscape, you can quickly get started with AI and optimize your existing resources by addressing the low-hanging fruit.

Finding the low-hanging fruit

The low-hanging fruit exist in automating and improving computer-to-computer tasks that have an immediate and significant impact on revenues and costs. Rather than using AI to automate existing jobs, use it to improve efficiency and productivity within those jobs. Spoiler alert: the customer lifecycle is the easiest place to start.