Faraday AI

The role of AI in personalization

Today's consumers expect relevant, personalized shopping experiences, which requires a deep understanding of who your best customers are, what drives them to purhcase your products or services, and why they choose to engage with you.

What you'll learn in the whitepaper

Personalization expands on traditional segmentation methods. As segmentation data becomes more complex, barriers to accurate analysis arise. This whitepaper explains how AI can help you overcome those barriers.

Expanding on the fundamentals

Segmentation is the backbone of marketing strategy. Segments are defined by shared characteristics, and as more data becomes available, you’re able to further analyze and refine those segments to deliver more relevant experiences.

Overcoming the barriers

Even advanced segmentation has its limitations. As datasets grow in size and complexity, human biases and inefficiencies can negatively impact the analysis and segmentation processes. The solution: data science and machine learning

Understanding the process

While operationalizing machine learning for personalized marketing can be challenging, the key steps in the process provide an important high-level roadmap to follow. Learn the four-step process that's helped hundreds of companies leverage AI to put personalization at the core of their marketing strategies.