Faraday AI

MHVFCU case study

An innovative regional credit union steps up its game with Faraday AI

What you'll learn in the case study

How Mid Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union optimized its member acquisition and retention strategies with big data, predictive analytics, and AI-powered marketing campaigns.


After syncing their Raddon-based MCIF with the Faraday Identity Graph, MHVFCU uncovered insights ranging from the practically useful to the downright surprising.


Faraday analyzed historical engagement data to take a “long view” of MHVFCU membership. What emerged was like a map of a journey, starting with opening an account and progressing through loans and other products.


By focusing ad spend—via social channels and elsewhere—on the kinds of people most likely to join, MHVFCU can spend more time and money with those who matter most. This means lower acquisition cost, better conversion rates, and less noise.