Our story

Our team has been helping companies make sense of data for more than a decade. From banks and payments to energy and education, Fortune 50 to less than 50 employees, one thing has become clear to us. The dream of data-driven business is mostly still a dream. The best businesses do use data to make important strategic decisions. But most decisions aren’t made in the boardroom — they’re everyday choices made by you and your colleagues. And together, these small decisions dictate success or failure for businesses everywhere.

Tomorrow’s data-driven businesses will be defined by the breadth, not the depth, with which data is accessible and accessed. When every employee has the power to leverage company data for every decision, big or small — only then will the promise of data-driven business finally arrive.

And this is Faraday’s mission — to put data within every arm’s reach, to help every employee become so comfortable with data that reaching for it is second nature, and to deliver information, insight, and wonder when that reach comes.