Faraday AI

Built for B2C action

We're done with the sci-fi: it's time for AI to start growing your revenues. Everything in Faraday is connected to action, whether that's triggering your marketing automation or prioritizing your outreach.

How Faraday produces results

  1. Faraday puts AI to work when and where it matters. Use the controls above to explore how predictions give you power.
  2. The Faraday platform leverages Core predictions in three ways: reactively, proactively, and interactively.
  3. First, scores and predictive insights are fed back to your business data systems, such as CRM and marketing automation, to trigger workflows you've already defined. No need to reinvent the wheel: Faraday just makes those processes smarter.
  4. Second, when important changes are observed, the platform notifies you of new opportunities and threats. Get alerts when you receive a new hot lead, or when a valuable customer becomes a churn risk.
  5. Finally, Faraday includes a beautiful, map-driven interface for exploring your data and predictions. Set criteria interactively and uncover startling comparisons.

Deploy and access via API

Use our Outcomes API to programmatically score arbitrary individuals or households against one of your business goals. Benefit from ever-updating models with a single, well-defined API endpoint for developers.

$ curl https://$KEY:@api.fdy.io/outcomes/3cb89f02 -d "{ ... }"
{ prediction: true, confidence: 0.93 }