Faraday AI

Continuous data sync

Predicting the future starts with the past. Faraday integrates in minutes and continuously monitors your crucial business data systems for changes.

Integrated with 60+ popular data sources

Faraday offers turnkey integration with the most common business data sources, including CRMs, databases, and data warehouses.

See all of our integrations

Built-in data source integration Category
AdRoll Advertising
AfterShip Business
Amazon Aurora Databases
Bing Ads Advertising
Braintree Business
Branch Business
Close.io CRM
Contentful CRM
Customer.io Email
Delighted Automation
Desk.com Support
Drip Automation
Facebook Ads Advertising
FormKeep Automation
Freshdesk Email
GitLab Business
Google Adwords Advertising
Google Analytics Analytics
Google Cloud SQL MySQL Databases
Google Cloud SQL PostgreSQL Databases
Google Ecommerce Analytics
Harvest Business
Heroku Databases
Hubspot Email
Intercom Support
Iterable Email
Jira Support
Magento Databases
MailChimp Email
Mailjet Email
Mandrill Email
MariaDB Databases
Marketo Email
Microsoft Azure Databases
Microsoft SQL Server Databases
Mixpanel Analytics
MongoDB Databases
MySQL Databases
Netsuite Business
Outbrain Advertising
Pardot Email
Particle Automation
PostgreSQL Databases
Quickbooks Online Business
Recurly Payments
Referral SaaSquatch Business
Salesforce CRM
Segment Analytics
SendGrid Email
Sendwithus Email
Shippo Business
Shopify Business
SparkPost Email
Square Payments
Stripe Payments
Taboola Business
Trello Business
Urban Airship Automation
Vero Email
Webhooks Automation
Wootric Business
Xero Business
Zapier Automation
Zendesk Support
Zopim Support
Zuora Business

Get started with AI, wherever you are

A common AI myth is that you need massive amounts of perfect data. Not true. You can get started even with a simple spreadsheet of your customers, then gradually add integrations as necessary.